Miranda, Miranda Olive Oil About Us

“MIRANDA” group of companies was founded within 2009, in TURKEY, produce -healty and purity- olive and olive oil, with modern technology, according to The International Standards (COI Standarts for olive oil).

The chain of restaurants “LITANY”, “A7 City Club” and “BACA” are the others companies of group and also “BACA” produces the organic bakery products which have the organic certificate.

“MIRANDA” exports many kinds of Olive oil and Olive under “MIRANDA” brand and Organic Bakery products under “BACA” brand, in different packaging and also as bulk, most of the countries in the world.

Our olive oil comes to your tables with the natural color, scents and tastes of olives and has numerous benefits for health since it does not include any addetive or preservative and contains anti-oxidants and vitamins besides its nourishing qualities as the only obtained from a fruit.

MIRANDA has all The Certificates, “ISO 9001/22000 Quality Certificate” , “CERES Certificate” for organic products,“HACCP Certificate”and specific certificates for some countries. All the certificates which we have for producing and management of our products and also assuring the quality of products sold to consumers.

- MIRANDA has an FDA registration number…
- MIRANDA products are Kosher-certified…
- Only olive oil “MIRANDA” brand has “Geographical Indication” given by Ayvalık Chamber of Commerce..



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Miranda MHE Gıda
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